Bathing /Grooming: Indoor Bathing and grooming available for all size dogs and cats. We do offer grooming ranging from simple cuts to breed specific Outoor Kennelcuts. Boarding: cat, dog and exotics: Our state of the art boarding facility offers rooms with automatic waters to provide fresh water at all times. Each room has a glass front wall to enable each pet to watch TV and each room has a bed to offer relaxation. Our goal is alleviate anxiety and provides an environment that is a home away from home. Our separate cat boarding area offers individual glass front cat condos with an indoor aquarium for your cats viewing pleasure and outdoor bird feeders for our feline friends. We have a separate play area that each feline friend will use during their stay. Our exotic boarders will enjoy a quiet relaxed area where they will feel safe and relaxed.

Agility course: Our outdoor agility course features many fun filled obstacles for your pet’s stimulation and to provide beneficial exercise and increase their socialization skills. Our goal is for your pet to have a fun filled environment and stay busy during their vacation away from home. Behavioral Medicine: We can provide direct consultation with a behavioral veterinary specialist and a consultant trainer to create a regime that best fit your pets behavioral problem needs. Drop off Services: If you don’t have time to bring your pet in during your busy work day, call for a drop off appointment. You can have your pet in our office as early as 7:30 a.m. on weekdays and 8:00 a.m. on Saturday!