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Emerson Animal Hospital is a full- service veterinary medical center, located West Point, MS. Our goal is to offer the highest quality medical care, surgical care and dental care in the area and surrounding areas for our patients. We strive to make each client and patient feel comfortable and at ease during each visit, medical procedure and while boarding. You will find that we offer certain amenities and comforts that no other veterinary facility in the area and surrounding areas offers.


The mission of Emerson Animal Hospital is to serve and provide the best care for every species of animal and their owners. Each pet is treated like a family member. Our goal is to promote responsible pet ownership, preventive health care and current medical care and diagnostics, while considering the difference in personality and needs of every individual patient and client. Special care is taken to ensure the least amount of stress and anxiety during their visit and stay. We strive to keep our clients informed and educated on the health of their pets. We have a professional trained staff and pet friendly facility that make our mission a reality. We have been proudly serving the city of West Point and the Golden Triangle since 2014, and we want to thank you for your business and support!

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