Behavioral Medicine: We can provide direct consultation with a behavioral veterinary specialist and a consultant trainer to create a regime that best fit your pets behavioral problem needs.

Dental Care: Dental health is extremely important for maintaining your four-legged or exotic pet family member’s health and longevity. An important part of dental health is a good oral examination and inspection of each tooth, which is best done under anesthesia. Our ultrasonic dentistry is performed under general anesthesia, which involves cleaning and polishing all teeth, fluoride treatment, oral inspection, and tooth extractions if necessary. This is an outpatient procedure and requires minimal hospital stay.

Surgery: Our surgical facility provides for the performance of a wide range of procedures for your small or exotic pet including (but not limited to)castration (neuter), ovariohysterectomy (spays) and other abdominal surgeries, ear trims, tail docking, declaws, limb amputation, some types of fracture repair, bladder stone removal, and wound management. We also have a radio-surgery unit for declaw and small mass removals. This allows a less invasive way to perform these procedures and will shorten the healing time after each procedure.

Orthopedic Surgery: In this branch of surgery we offer treatment of conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. This includes treatment of congenital and acquired injuries of bones, joints, and the spine utilizing the newest bone plating, pinning and fixation devices and methodologies. Orthopedic trauma is managed by procedures designed to stabilize fractures, treat soft tissue injuries, and promote rapid recovery. A variety of  minimally invasive techniques are employed where possible to promote rapid diagnosis and repair. These techniques include:  percutaneous plating and fracture stabilization, which is made possible with intraoperative radiology.

Chemotherapy: We offer customized chemotherapy treatment plans for any species. We offer chemo bead implant therapy for invasive oral or nasal cancer.

Anesthesia: We strive to provide the safest available anesthetics to our patients. Each protocol is tailored specifically to your pets’ needs, which is especially important in geriatric and high risk patients. We offer exotic and pediatric spays and neuters using cutting edge anesthetics. Our anesthetic protocols begin with pre-surgical blood work to assist us in developing a custom anesthetic protocol that is safe and effective. Our facility is equipped with anesthesia machine and state of the art monitoring equipment to track heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, EKG, and blood pressure during surgery and recovery.

Intensive Care Unit: We feature a state of the art separate intensive care and pre/post op room visual from our treatment area so each patient is constantly visible and monitored while recovering from surgery or during their treatment. This facility is separate from our boarding facility and provides a quiet, tranquil area for each patient.

Pain Management/Physical Therapy: Each pet is evaluated to determine the best pain protocol to ensure the least amount of medication. This is achieved through using physical therapy plans to help your pet live with arthritis and other painful diseases by helping their body heal and become stronger.

Laboratory: Our in-house laboratory facilities allow for Complete Blood Counts, Serum Chemistry Profiles, Phenobarbitol levels, Renal and Hepatic Profiles, abdominal fluid testing, urinalysis.Our new 4DX Heartworm test include screening for 5 common tick transmitted diseases as well as mosquito driven Heartworm Disease. We also offer in house intestinal parasite screening and cytological readings. We also utilize commercial veterinary laboratories for specialized diagnostics and consultations.

NEW TO OUR SERVICES: Recreational Pool Therapy: We now have a full size pool to initiate impact free therapy and recovery. This system is complete with ramps for enter and exit, and is a great way to keep your pet in shape. Be sure to ask about this service for more details!        3

Micro-Chipping: In the U.S., only 22% of lost pets ever find their way home. Microchipping is a simple procedure that can reunite you with your pet in the unfortunate event that you become separated. We offer thePetFinder chip by Datamars, which has no registration fees. Every 6 months, PetFinder data is updated with the US Postal Service, so that if you have forwarded your mail, your information will be updated in the PetFinder system. These microchips are also approved for international travel (they are ISO compatible).


Dog Birthday Parties: We are now offering full scale birthday parties for your pet to enjoy! Your dogs are, after all, part of your family and who doesn’t love a good birthday party! Inquire to our staff about how to get this wonderful service arranged!

Prescription Diet/Nutritional Counseling: We supply Hills regular and Prescription Diets to provide for your pet’s specific dietary needs. From weight loss to disease management to health maintenance, we can select the diet that is best for your pet. Has your pet gained a few extra pounds? If so, we have a weight loss program that includes calculating an ideal weight for your pet as well as a detailed feeding plan to get them back on track without feeling hungry all the time.

Pharmacy: We maintain a large inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick preventatives and heartworm preventatives to meet the needs of your pet. We also offer an online pharmacy which provides convenient ordering and home delivery; please click on the “Home Delivery” icon on the left side of our home page to access this option.

Digital Radiology: Radiology Services: Our on-site x-ray equipment allows us immediate access to high quality radiographs to aid in the diagnosis of many disorders, such as fractures, arthritis, and internal problems. Our radiographs are digitally recorded and can be burned to a CD for client viewing at home or emailed to a referral center. Digital radiographs offer the advantage of enhanced viewing allowing minute details to be seen more readily than traditional radio-graphs.

Ultrasound: This is a valuable diagnostic tool to evaluate visually the internal vasculature, heart and other organs. This amazing machine will detect disease before your pet starts showing clinical signs. We recommend yearly ultrasound body scans as a tool to detect disease early and begin treatment.

Health Certificates: If you are moving internationally, or just travelling abroad with your pets, we are happy to assist you in gathering the appropriate information, performing any necessary testing, vaccinations, or treatments and provide you with an International Health Certificate. Please plan well in advance as some countries require testing and vaccinations to be completed at least 6 months prior to arrival!

Geriatric Counseling: We will help you adjust to your older pets changing needs through preventative blood testing, ultrasound and education on what to expect and what to look for at home. The prevention illness is achieved through using routine health exams and screening. Our goal is for your senior pet to live a full healthy life through detecting illness early ,this is the key to geriatric medicine.

Drop off Services: If you don’t have time to bring your pet in during your busy work day, call for a drop off appointment. You can have your pet in our office as early as 7:30 a.m. on weekdays and 8:00 a.m. on Saturday!

Referrals: If needed, we will provide referral to a Veterinary Specialist. Veterinary Specialty Centers can provide specified care for certian disorders including: oncology, behavior, orthopedic medicine, internal medicine, neurology, ophthalmology, cardiology, dentistry, dermatology, radiology,etc. We work closely with several specialists in the area and are able to continue your follow up care here at Emerson Animal Hospital.

Emergency Service: If you have an animal medical emergency outside of our regular operating hours, please call our clinic at and obtain the telephone number of the doctor on call. We are available 24 hours a day.